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World Market News
Brexit Could Leave Wedding Bouquets Stuck at the Border
From greenhouses in Kenya to auction houses in the Netherlands to florists in London, the shipment of flowers highlights Brexit’s potential disruption to trade.... read more

A $2 Billion Question: Did New York and Virginia Overpay for Amazon?
The states offered tax credits, rebates and other incentives to lure the online retail giant and 25,000 jobs. Neighboring states offered even more.... read more

Amazon HQ2: How New York and Virginia Won the Beauty Contest
Eager candidates offered name changes, helipads and even cactuses to entice the company into setting up shop.... read more

Asian Market News
Central banks should consider issuing digital money, IMF's Lagarde says
In a speech in Singapore on Wednesday, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said central banks have a role supplying money to the digital economy.... read more

'A.I. is not gonna replace people,' says Salesforce executive
Artificial intelligence will not be replacing people, but will make them "far more capable," according to Peter Schwartz of Salesforce.... read more

India prime minister says financial tech needs to be a 'movement' — not a 'mechanism'
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the pace and push of using technology in the financial sector should serve to improve the lives of the world's most marginalized people.... read more